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Outside Review of “Cosmology, Psychopomps, and Afterlife in Homer’s Odyssey”

This is an excellent article that should be published as is. It is well-written, well-researched, and well-argued, with abundant examples from the primary text that the author explicates in such a way as to convince readers that the thesis holds up. The author brings a fresh perspective to the question of what “afterlife” means in Homer’s Odyssey, extending the idea beyond the realm of Hades to other states of existence and consciousness, namely “darkness,” “the dream state,” and “anonymity.” The author shows convincingly how these states connect with Homer’s concern about questions of death and the nature of heroic immortality. The article gives new insights about Odysseus’s character and the nature of his journey home. The author makes a convincing argument about the centrality of the god Hermes to all of Odysseus’ transformations and transitions. I thoroughly agree with the conclusion that Hermes’ central role as a god is not that of a messenger but a transformer. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. It made me want to read the Odyssey once again to think about the issues raised and what they mean for interpreting this famous epic in a new way.