As some of you will know I have recently received a solicitor’s letter from Florence and Kenneth Wood, authors of Homer’s Secret Iliad and Homer’s Secret Odyssey. They were aggrieved that as a newly graduated student in posting two conference papers on-line on: and the AMPAL 2013 conference proceedings website that I had failed to attach my complete list of research references to the documents, which should have contained references to their works.

As requested, in order to settle this grievance I have removed the papers from both websites, as well as deleting them from my blog where they were also available. I have further signed a Deed of Undertaking promising not to make another such mistake in future, and also agreed to pay the Woods’ £1800 in costs. However, the authors have also requested that I make my Statement of Apology publicly available on my website and blog. As such I am doing so by attaching it to this post.

For more information, and if anyone feel’s compelled to help me in this situation please visit here.